1. Lick it up.

  2. Froome went down like a__________.

  3. No one messes with the Do

  4. Just Missed It

    A Cyclocross racer would’ve seen this as a barrier to dismount, jump over, and remount.

  5. Our 13th issue drops in a month with a Friday the 13th, so that was an obvious theme to the strange rituals and superstitions that accent bike culture like flavorful, crunchy salad toppings.

    Available on iTunes and the Web for $16 a year and $4 an issue.

    Also in the issue, Mark V writes about the Gran Fondo Leavenworth and how, “There was nothing I could do but soldier on in no-man’s land.”

  6. Split in too and thrown up from the road…

  7. Pink Power Ranger at the Giro.

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  8. (UPDATED) US bike media; we have deserving riders and races IN the US- please take note



    Photo; Brian Hodes/VeloImages, by permission (thank you, my friend)

    WARNING; It’s been awhile since I’ve gone on a rant that alienated me from people, so I guess I’m overdue.

    Today, on the streets of Chattanooga, the USPro championships were held to determine the new US Professional road…

  9. An embarrassed face… on the pavement at the Tour of Somerville. At least he juan, mayne…

    HT @warias1

  10. natelife:

    PRO TIP: In a two man break with 1km to go, give dude in front the worst pain face shake of head, and attack like your life depends on it at the first sign of road furniture!!! (Dudes standing on said furniture were EXCITED to see this move go down!!!Nate ★ Life GIF!

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