1. My climbing face is a SUFFERFACE with Chris Riekert climbing Highway 9 on New Tarmacs in Santa Cruz. As we turned this corner, Chris said, “look good for the camera,” and that’s all I had.

    Read our first impressions of Spesh’s new road performance benchmark and platform on the blog and full review in our magazine.

  2. 2014May-untitled-181 by Gerry Calub on Flickr.

    Pasty white, sunken chests and dangling chains are here! The skinny white boys of summer.

  3. Cringe…

  4. jamesnord:

    After one of the hardest rides of my life, 112 miles, 12,500 feet of climbing with Cat 1’s and ex-pros. I limped down the the beach with chrisriekert and Logan to watch the sun tumble slowly into it’s water bed. 

  5. D4B_8630 by smashred on Flickr.


  6. untitled by www.les-actus-du-cyclisme.com - (Cyclisme-Roltiss) on Flickr.

    Precious Stone

  7. While feeling bad about the middle-aged woman getting hit by Vansummeren…..I don’t think that family really thought it thru when they chose that traffic island as their vantage point to spectate. They didn’t cause the crash, but that was definitely a sketchy position. And in their excitement about the race, they didn’t realize she was down for a few seconds

  8. cyclocosm:


    Cobbles. Photo @jeredgruber of @dvb1992

    Ok, that’s a little rad. Cobbles, gutter, grass, and fans. The spring classics captured on a pair of glasses.

  9. cyclocosm:

    No bottle opener? No problem.

  10. Well, that’s a whole body suffering…

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