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  2. Froome went down like a__________.

  3. Our 13th issue drops in a month with a Friday the 13th, so that was an obvious theme to the strange rituals and superstitions that accent bike culture like flavorful, crunchy salad toppings.

    Available on iTunes and the Web for $16 a year and $4 an issue.

    Also in the issue, Mark V writes about the Gran Fondo Leavenworth and how, “There was nothing I could do but soldier on in no-man’s land.”

  4. Split in too and thrown up from the road…

  5. An embarrassed face… on the pavement at the Tour of Somerville. At least he juan, mayne…

    HT @warias1

  6. While feeling bad about the middle-aged woman getting hit by Vansummeren…..I don’t think that family really thought it thru when they chose that traffic island as their vantage point to spectate. They didn’t cause the crash, but that was definitely a sketchy position. And in their excitement about the race, they didn’t realize she was down for a few seconds

  7. Snow Bike GIF

  8. When you can’t ride down, scoot.

  9. Short sleeves in november

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  10. nazhamid:

    San Bruno Tuesdays. Roll Call started doing this on Tuesdays. We’re having fun.

  11. cyclocosm:

    Duuuuuuuude—Adam Craig nose-wheelied a corner at Jingle Cross.