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  2. While feeling bad about the middle-aged woman getting hit by Vansummeren…..I don’t think that family really thought it thru when they chose that traffic island as their vantage point to spectate. They didn’t cause the crash, but that was definitely a sketchy position. And in their excitement about the race, they didn’t realize she was down for a few seconds

  3. Snow Bike GIF

  4. When you can’t ride down, scoot.

  5. Short sleeves in november

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    San Bruno Tuesdays. Roll Call started doing this on Tuesdays. We’re having fun.

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    Duuuuuuuude—Adam Craig nose-wheelied a corner at Jingle Cross.

  8. Twisted-up sufferface at Woodland from the Velocity blog. He’s focused on the apex of the turn, after the run-up barriers, and drop.

    Photo: David Longdon

  9. There’s a race this weekend, but then life happens.

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  10. Count off them intervals, as long as they’re in sets of three.

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  11. We know something went terribly wrong in this Cross race for Mash SF because the rubber is supposed to be on the ground with a racer on top of the bike, running, or carrying it.