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  2. While feeling bad about the middle-aged woman getting hit by Vansummeren…..I don’t think that family really thought it thru when they chose that traffic island as their vantage point to spectate. They didn’t cause the crash, but that was definitely a sketchy position. And in their excitement about the race, they didn’t realize she was down for a few seconds

  3. Well, that’s a whole body suffering…

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  4. Getting the shot and likely a bunny hop

  5. Time trialing in the 80s when pedals had toe clips and disc wheels looked pregnant.

  6. Reason number 1 why I never try to bunny hop the barriers, not enough #svenness

  7. Angels of Ice Weasels

    Photo: Geoff Martin on G+.

  8. When you can’t ride down, scoot.

  9. And the dog is impressed.

  10. What Matt said…

    Ride smart.

    As he has gotten old(er…) Sven has learned to do just enough to win the races.

    He figures out the places on the course where he has an advantage, and he bides his time until the attack.

    He mails it in on the starts, letting the quick kids ride away early, and diesels up to ‘em later.

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