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  2. Nearly 80K views on our pump-hopping video! Thee peoples they want to pump hop.

  3. Reason number 1 why I never try to bunny hop the barriers, not enough #svenness

  4. An assistant carries your bike around the course while you sip free beer handed up to you, now THAT’S party racing!

    For another set of wings, and this set is black, see this post

    Video: rcolinkennedy

  5. When you can’t ride down, scoot.

  6. From Dug Art.

    HT Taticycles

  7. And the dog is impressed.

  8. cyclocosm:

    Duuuuuuuude—Adam Craig nose-wheelied a corner at Jingle Cross.

  9. What Matt said…

    Ride smart.

    As he has gotten old(er…) Sven has learned to do just enough to win the races.

    He figures out the places on the course where he has an advantage, and he bides his time until the attack.

    He mails it in on the starts, letting the quick kids ride away early, and diesels up to ‘em later.

  10. cycletard:

    Bikes, windmills and clogs. Commemorative poster for the 2014 Cyclocross World Championships in Hoogerheide, NL. Available here.

    (Source: cycletart)

  11. Hodala Corner