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  2. This #sufferface says, bikes were made to ride, not carry.

    Why else would it have a bell and dyno hub on it? And where did his other knee warmer go?

    Photo: Mathowie

  3. S’up Son? Saw you out there sufferin’. You could use some new kit. Check the Bike Hugger Look Book for the deal and free shipping.

  4. Upon learning about the MindRider helmet that detects and displays your moods with LEDs, like a mood ring for your head, we asked, “What color is suffering?”


    HT Road.cc

  5. Steve Chainel (FR) post-race by kristof ramon on Flickr.

    Like a magic marker running out of ink, a #sufferface of white out.

  6. A #sufferface covered with hair from the Montrose Harbor Cyclocross Championship and shot by ewwhite.

  7. A Go Cougs suffer face.

    Photo: Dennis Crane.

  8. Cold, muddy, and rainy. This is Flo and she’s awesome with that #sufferface.

  9. Mmm, mmm good.

    Photo: hans905

  10. Shoulder to the wheel, keep pushing, focusing, and finishing those races.

    To all those that suffered with us at the races this year, we’ll see you next season.

  11. A new coffee table book from Cyclephotos is available now. Reblogged many of the photos seen in it here.