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  2. natelife:

    PRO TIP: In a two man break with 1km to go, give dude in front the worst pain face shake of head, and attack like your life depends on it at the first sign of road furniture!!! (Dudes standing on said furniture were EXCITED to see this move go down!!!Nate ★ Life GIF!

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  3. You can’t see Katie Compton’s Suffer Face is this GIF, cause it’s planted into the stairs!

    HT Amanda Cyr

  4. Free Kickstarter idea! Crowdfund a snap on Aliens lid for aero road helmets!

  5. Euros are already training for Cross season.

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  6. A new niche has opened up in the sport…Bike Lane TTs! Weirder still, tandem recumbent racing on bike lanes.

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  7. When you land on your FACE and then get up, laugh it off, and finish; well, props to @bannahharnes from us.

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  8. Mark V MTB with a Stumpie FSR

  9. Giro Storyboard

    HT Cycleboredom

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  10. At that moment, when Rodriguez hesitated and a panda ran up on his wheel, Dan Martin attacked. Then rode to the win at Leige-Bastogne-Leige.


    LBL post now has 100% more Panda.

  11. drunkcyclist:

    Shimano fail, Wiggo win.