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  2. In Cross, the better you are at the skills, the harder you can go, and the more you’ll suffer. That makes for better racing and photographs for us! We want to help you get better. As the old saying goes, it never gets easier, just faster.

    A couple weeks ago, we attend one of Matt Hill’s clinics. Matt bounds over the barriers like Baryshnikov. In the PNW, no one is smoother or faster. In these photos and videos, Matt teaches us how he does it.

    The key to the dismount is to pivot with your hip and drop off the bike when your left foot releases and land with both feet. For the remount, plant the leading foot, drop your shoulders, lean the bike toward you, and slide on. Do NOT jump. The remount is not an acrobatic leap, but a smooth hip swing back onto the bike. If you’re foot is planted ahead of the bottom bracket, you’ll also stop skipping.

    In this set of stills from the video, note how Matt’s front foot is planted. He pushes the bike forward, drops his shoulders, and then swings up, and onto the bike.

    Matt one

    Foot planted

    Matt two

    Shoulders drop, bike pushed forward

    Matt three

    Swing up and on

    Dismount/Remount over and over again, like you’ve got Cross OCD, until you don’t even think about it.

    Then try running. Want to get better in person? Contact Matt for some one-on-one time. He makes it look easy.

    Also see our still-populars videos with Tim Rutledge and Redline Bicycles.