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  2. Oh SHIT pedal or suffer the consequences.

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  3. Tuned into Philly Cycling Classic to see this replay.

  4. Griepel’s Suffer Face looks like a freakin’ Gargoyle.

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  5. Lesson here is don’t touch butts when racing; at least in the Men’s Elite fields.

  6. So we said to the Three Amigos of Suffering, “Look at the camera next time!”

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  7. MFG Cross course designer tapes up courses that are hard on racers and HIMSELF. Here’s his #sufferface relishing the effort in a strong field last weekend.

  8. Know Anthony and this look is, not feeling good today, bro. A quiet reserved, #sufferface and race another day.

  9. Around the tree, passed the snow machine and the hecklers, the course eases up just a bit to recover and regain composure.

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  10. Grunt out that climb boys!

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  11. Hey! More sufferin’ less having fun.