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  2. helmeteering:

    Raced again today. Not as cold as yesterday, but close.

    Photo: M. Pederson

  3. This is the cyclocross community we know and love seen at MFG Cyclocross Woodland. This racer crashed hard and the fans helped with the bike and found a spot for her to sit down.

    After catching her breath, she got back in the race, and they roared for her.

    No heckling, only encouragement and a community’s desire to see everyone start and finish the race.

    Photo: Woodinville Bicycles

  4. Twisted-up sufferface at Woodland from the Velocity blog. He’s focused on the apex of the turn, after the run-up barriers, and drop.

    Photo: David Longdon

  5. Nice socks and 1/2 a suffer face from Jeremy Dunn in Portland. Read his report from this race on The Athletic Tumblr.

    Photo: Mathowie

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  7. Endure

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  8. bikebiztokyo:

    CXW020332 by sonofabike on Flickr.

  9. Spaniard at the Finish

    Javier Ruiz De Larrinaga aross the line and done for the day.

  10. Oh baby I like it RAW, when them faces suffer…

    CyclephotosUK camera froze…couldn’t get the SD card door open, so he took iPhone photos of LCD panel to get the story out.


  11. A Go Cougs suffer face.

    Photo: Dennis Crane.