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  2. While feeling bad about the middle-aged woman getting hit by Vansummeren…..I don’t think that family really thought it thru when they chose that traffic island as their vantage point to spectate. They didn’t cause the crash, but that was definitely a sketchy position. And in their excitement about the race, they didn’t realize she was down for a few seconds

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    Cobbles. Photo @jeredgruber of @dvb1992

    Ok, that’s a little rad. Cobbles, gutter, grass, and fans. The spring classics captured on a pair of glasses.

  4. Well, that’s a whole body suffering…

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  5. Getting the shot and likely a bunny hop

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    Sagan gave us the first bike throw of the 2014 season yesterday. It’s extra cringe-inducing because that’s his title sponsor he’s hucking into the barricades.

    Sagan Throws a Bike

  7. And to the 7 fans that watched, the show must go on, and they cheered through their balaclavas.

    Photo: P Miller

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  9. When you can’t ride down, scoot.

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    Dan Martin at the Passo Valparola. #cyclingphotos #cycling #cycle #bicycle #bike #velo #bicicleta #bikesareawesome #awesome #sport #lovesport #lovecycling #like #follow #procycling #snow #ice #cold #nature #mountain #garmin #cervelo

    Climbing to snow level

  11. This is the cyclocross community we know and love seen at MFG Cyclocross Woodland. This racer crashed hard and the fans helped with the bike and found a spot for her to sit down.

    After catching her breath, she got back in the race, and they roared for her.

    No heckling, only encouragement and a community’s desire to see everyone start and finish the race.

    Photo: Woodinville Bicycles