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  2. The Steilacoom course is synonymous with suffering, especially when it features a triple-barrier run up. #sufferfaces

  3. Cold and Wet.

  4. Sandpits look easy on TV and romantic in photos like this from @heidiswift, but they are not. Sand dunes are worse.

    Koksijde must’ve been the most brutal CX course. Watching the stream I tweeted

    Wouldn’t give up, cause you keep going till someone says stop, but #koksijde would result in a very emotional experience: crying whole time.

    So hard in fact, that at the end in the sprint, Sven Nys put Pauwels in the barriers.

  5. A triumphant, emotional, crying, covered-in mud #sufferface from gold-medalist Vos.

  6. It was cold and wet that day.

    Her face told the story.

  7. Overwhelmed at the finish.

    Cross Natz 2010 Bend.

  8. GROWL through the Tree Chicane @seattlecx #1.

  9. Jenny’s Sufferface hangs there just above the watermark in this photo and we’re wondering what’s she thinking?

    Maybe, “why do I do this?” Or, what gearing am I running?! Is it a 17 or 18?

    Photo: Ride On Photo.

  10. Heard it was the last lap at CrossVegas.

    Wanted it to end.

  11. The ankle bone is connected to a #sufferface.

    Grass clogged left cleat, couldn’t get out fast enough at barriers, right foot rolled underneath me. Finished the race pedaling with one leg.