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  2. @amcmanus: @Vaughters How much should general public read into 3rd fastest ascent up Ax, including faster than 2003 Lance? More complicated than that?

    @Vaughters: @amcmanus I don’t know, man… I just don’t know.

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  3. RE: unsanctioned racing

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  4. Nigel and Lew Preview Flanders

    On Saturday, cycling fanatics have the chance to ride their Tour of Flanders, one day before the professional race and on the same challenging course with the cobble stone sections and steep hills. Flandersnews talked with Nigel of Toronto, Canada and Lew of Melbourne, Australia. “What I fear most? The cold temperatures!”

  5. argonne1918:

    Hemingway on Bicycle Racing…

    I have started many stories about bicycle racing but have never written one that is as good as the races are both on the indoor and outdoor tracks and on the roads.  But I will get the Velodrome d’Hiver with the smoky light of the afternoon and the high-banked wooden track and the wirring sound of the tires made on the wood as the riders passed, the effort and the tactics as the riders climbed and plunged, each one a part of the demi-fond, the noise of the motors and their rollers set out behind them that the entraineurs rode, wearing their heavy crash helmet and leaning backward in their ponderous leather suits, to shelter the riders who followed them from the air resistance, the riders in their lighter crash helmets bent low over their handlebars their legs turning the huge gear sprockets and the small front wheels touching the roller behind the machine that gave them shelter to ride in, and the duels that were more exciting than anything, the put-putting of the motorcycles and the riders elbow to elbow and wheel to wheel up and down and around at deadly speed until one man could not hold the pace and broke away and the solid wall of air that he had been sheltered against hit him.

    Earnest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast, pg. 64-65.

    … and the solid wall of air that he had been sheltered against hit him.

  6. Tyler Disses Lance


    “I am so tired of hearing about Lance Armstrong. He did what he did, he had a lot of glory, and caused a lot of damage to the sport. I think the biggest favor he could do would be just to go away. Stop giving interviews. Stop tweeting pictures of himself with yellow jerseys. Stop stirring the pot. Just stop. I would just love to get on VeloNews and not see a Lance Armstrong story. I do not remember the last time that happened.”

    Tyler Farrar
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  7. Crazy Americans accounted for unique atmosphere in Louisville


    We walked a few laps around the track and watched our eyes: Dress Parties, bare bellies, vuvuzelas, megaphones, leg bathers and a lot of patriotism. One would almost spontaneously, “USA, USA, USA” from start to end.

  8. Heckle Lister

    A listing of the top heckles, recorded by the Hecklestream all said in jest and fun of course. Not in anger or with a beer thrown.

  9. Our Tumblr(s) Now RWD

    Today with the hard work of our friend Dahn, we’ve got a new layout for our Tumblrs. It’s RWD and we hope you enjoy it. Responsive web design uses one code base to render webpages across a variety of devices. See it in action on your desktop by dragging a corner of the window until it’s thin and then wide again: phone, tablet, desktop.

    Mobile users are already seeing a view sized for your device and images upscaled to high-rez screens. In the tablet view, to get the Hover Post Details, lightly touch the image and they’ll appear.

    If you’ve spent any time trying to customize Tumblr, you know that Dahn’s work was no small feat. He traveled there and back again through a maze of iframes, bizarre caching, and other bugs. Our previous theme was like an old Dutch bike compared to a brand new carbon racing bike with all the fancy kit.