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  2. Lesson here is don’t touch butts when racing; at least in the Men’s Elite fields.

  3. The TAPE WON’T HELP YOU. Runup chaos in CO.

  4. In this grainy video from 1985, find many suffering faces and heavy-ass bikes.

  5. J-Pow, plays disc golf while riding a disk-brake bike. At 1:06, looks like Powers is on the new SRAM Hyrdos.

  6. From Rome.

  7. The beauty of the sport YouTubed at #kingscx.

  8. cycletard:


    Siri (Hitec Products) cooks omelette on the rollers (by @Karl_Lima_Hitec)

    Hahahahahaha, bet Sven Nys can’t do this! Go Siri!

    Video response to this, perhaps? 


    Just cooking an omelet while on the rollers

    (via cycletart)

  9. How MSR was won.

  10. Eddy Montage

  11. Short version of a race recap from last year.